The many performance opportunities here with the Spirit of Sebring
Spend your Friday nights under the lights with

The Spirit of Sebring Marching Band

Being in band is a lot of work. We have 2 rehearsals per week, each lasting 3 hours. We have sectionals that are run by student leadership to prepare for those rehearsals. We perform at Friday night football games and pep rallies, and compete against other bands in the state of Florida in the FMBC circuit.

But within all of that we still have fun! We enjoy performing for our friends, families, and anyone else! We get to see our friends from other schools at competitions and are able to cheer them on as much as they cheer us on. In competition we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor. By the time we get to performance, our hard work during the week pays off in the form of trophies and a great performance.

Music is an activity that you can enjoy all of your life. 8 to 80, it doesn't matter! However, band isn't just about playing music. It's about the family bond that we make throughout our time here at Sebring High School.Throughout the season, people who once were considered strangers now share a common bond and make huge impacts on each others lifes. The friends made in band will last forever and anywhere life takes you. Each year there are more and more people to meet and get to know. People from all walks of life, people that are considered nerd, skaters, punks, art geeks, and preps all come together and become a new entity, Band Geeks.

Dance, spin, and perform with the

Spirit Winter Guard

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You can be a part of the

RGB Winter Percussion

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Jam, solo, and play the blues with the

Jazz Band

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